Chairs Cart

Chairs Cart is a manufacturer of chairs from last 30 years. Chairs Cart is a brand name and Hetal Enterperises is a compay name. It is an 30 years old company known for its better goods and services .Chairs cart is one of the India’s leading manufacturers of office furniture solutions. We have an office chair that encourages movement and mitigates the impact inactivity. We provide a wide range of office furniture and office seating solutions crafted in our facility in Mumbai, India. Our goal has been to become the best chairs manufacturers in India. Our commercial furniture and office seating systems are used in corporate houses and other facilities through India. We work with several leading design and architectural studios in India and have a broad customer base that includes a variety of industries, builders, corporate clients and smaller business.

Chairs Cart carries the widest range of ergonomically designed office chairs, revolving chairs, professional chairs, student chairs in contemporary designs and so on. We mostly use fiber in our product. At Chairs Cart, you can experience amazing collection of stylish and aesthetic furniture for home, office and outdoor.  We are always ready to help you find the right furniture in our stores with detailed information about each product. We bring you a lot of exclusive offers, discounts throughout the year with more choice and quality that you won't find anywhere else.

In addition, our ergonomics furniture can be found in malls, hotels, restaurants, shop and even homes in Mumbai, India and elsewhere in the country. The quality and beauty of our furnishing make them appropriate for use residential and commercial furniture.

Chairs cart has a team of professional designers, craftsman and quality control specialists to ensure that our office seating systems and office furniture meet the strictest standards for quality and durability. Our highly trained and experienced designers and craftsman use excellent quality raw materials and steel to create beautiful furnishings that will last and comfort too.